Preserving the old “Holbrook Mill” • one of the oldest structures in Aurora, Illinois

Progress Up Date


December 20012

Silver (bells?) for Christmas!
I was just informed of a suprise "Christmas Present" -- The Holbrook Mill has been (prelimilarily) awaded "Silver" LEED for Homes Status -- the first in the City of Aurora, and one of only a handful in the western suburbs!

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is a certification program created by the US Green Building Council that takes in a project's energy and environmental impact. A “green” building is not just about adding solar panels, or using recyclable materials, it is a building that encourages the use of less energy because of it's proximity to essential services (banks, schools, stores, and public transportation). It is a project that is more environmentally friendly during construction because it utilized old, existing, or reclaimed building materials (such as all the Holbrook Mill's original stone). By incorporating “Energy Star” appliances, compact florescent lighting, and innovative mechanical and ventilation systems, they are cheaper to operate and also healthier to live in.

See the LEED for Homes section of our website for more information.

Spring 2012

Are you moved in yet?
NO! …and don't ask.

The Holbrook Mill achieved substantial completion in April of 2012. The first floor (commerical) space was given a certificate of occupancy, and Lane Allen (Allen+Pepa Architects) moved in. The second floor residental space, still has some unfinished issues, counter tops, doors and door hardware, minor paint and patching, radon system, elevator certifications, ectera. Unfortunatly the economic downturn hit the construction industry hard, and my general contractor (Braemoor Custom Homes) has been making minimal progress to finish these loose ends. While it is slow, any progress, is indeed progress.

Meanwhile, some issues have come up with the City of Aurora, reguarding the site (exterior brick pavers, and lighting) that need to be resolved before I am able to get a final certificate of occupancy and “move in.”

Summer 2006
David Lewis purchase the old Holbrook Mill.